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The word that is very quickly becoming one of the most overused and exaggerated term in our modern day society. We the community that have a passion for automotive all know this term far to well. Our long beloved passions are constantly suppressed by the Government and media on daily basis. They will lie and go to all ends to manipulate the people of Australia and create a false image of how bad and evil it is to be a so called “hoon”. Their goal is to completely eradicate the idea of anyone having a passion for anything to do with cars. If you do not fit their criteria on how you should think and act as a citizen, they will label you as “anti-social”.  This is NOT Nazi Germany! A huge population of our society loves cars and the sports that associate with it, (racing, drifting and burnouts).  We are still human beings and deserve a voice and to be considered by the government before they make their current irrational decisions on the topic of hooning.

By signing this petition, we the Mexican Hoon Cartel would like to represent you the people and fight for your rights for a free and fair country. Burnouts and drifting is apart of our Australian culture and we have a right to preserve it. The government creates venues for skateboarders to reduce problems with skating around businesses and suburbia, therefore surely the Government can consider creating places for rev heads to go to safely enjoy their passion


We propose;

  • More affordable and easy to access venues such as drift tracks and burnout pads to be set up by state governments in hoon hotspot areas to reduce and potentially eliminate illegal driving behavior on the streets.  
  • Police to focus on more serious crimes instead of hooning and the traffic offences that relate with such behavior (revenue raising)  
  • More relaxed laws for modifying vehicles


Common asked questions:


Why does the government put so much effort into fighting hoons?

In short answer revenue. The governments have discovered how much money they can generate in revenue by targeting a particular group of people and get away with it. They will usually disguise it under a “road safety” campaign.


Why does the government hate hooning so much and not consider the large population of society that supports hooning?

Unfortunately, the majority of people that have managed to get into positions of power do not have nor understand the passion for automotive and are extremely narrow minded. They would rather listen to a small group of peers that agree with THEIR ideas rather than a large group that opposes their views. The very few people in power positions that do understand are quickly crushed by their bosses and forced to conform like the rest. Most political parties such as Liberal National Party, are more interested in pushing their own agendas for self-gains rather than listening to what the people actually want.


Why does the government say hooning is so bad?

The Government needs a reason to justify why they are making so much money in revenue on hoon drivers when there is no statistical data to back their claim. They state that hooning is a real problem and that lives are at risk yet can never provide data to justify it.  To hide the facts, they spin a lot of hype about the issue using their puppets in the media to portray hooning is a way bigger and more dangerous problem than what it really is.


Why does the Mexican Hoon Cartel dislike the Liberal National Party (LNP) so much?

The Liberal National Party on a state and council level have been more and more active drivers at politicizing the idea of hooning to advance their own hidden corrupt agendas. In the past we have proposed to the LNP about creating facilities for hoons to get them off the street to which they replied with “they are not convinced”. Leader Deb Frecklington MP made a comment regarding hoon venues stating that she “would prefer to see these hoons prevented not enabled”. The LNP has also vowed to implement new flawed hooning laws if they win Government. These new laws can be easily manipulated into targeting certain types of people that do not fit their ideologies. Furthermore, they have pledged to purchase millions of taxpayers’ money to fund CCTV and new anti-hoon road surfaces. It certainly frustrates us that a political party would consider wasting so much money on this rather than put it towards hoon venues.


There are already tracks. Why don’t you just go Archerfield or Willowbank?

We understand that there is already privately owned venues for car enthusiast. Unfortunately, these particular tracks are placed in regions that is not conveniently accessible or affordable for EVERYONE in the car scene. Places such as the Gold Coast are located far from these places which becomes more of a burden logistically and financially for someone to attend them. Furthermore, these venues are only open during certain hours and days which ultimately does not cater for everyone, especially for a person that is working full-time. We want to see all drivers no matter where you are located have reasonable, affordable access to a facility. Because of these points mentioned it is a fact that hoons find it more convenient, cheaper and easier to hoon on the public street rather than go to one of these venues


We the people call on the Government for change!

Lets make Mexico great again!


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